Terms & Conditions of Membership


ESACT operates under Section 19 permit of the Road Traffic Act 1985 and licensed as disabled passenger vehicles. This places restrictions on the use of our vehicles.
In summary, a vehicle must be used for charitable purposes concerned with education, religion, social welfare, recreation or any other activities of benefit to the community and not for profit. It may only carry authorised persons and it must only be used for the stated purposes of the booking.


Individual / Group Members

  • GROUPS/INDIVIDUALS must be members of ESACT.
  • GROUPS/INDIVIDUALS must pay the CHARGES at the current rate. (The charges will be those in force at the time of use, not at the time of booking).
  • All Bookings are accepted subject to conditions by ESACT and vehicle/driver availability.
  • ESACT cannot accept responsibility for loss or inconvenience caused by cancellation of service, breakdown or delay of a vehicle or any other cause.
  • ESACT reserve the right to make decisions concerning conflicting requests for the use of its vehicles.
  • A vehicle must NOT be used to carry more than the number of passengers stated in the vehicle.
  • INFLAMMABLE liquids/gases must NOT be carried (unless previously agreed by ESACT).
  • NO DRUGS or INTOXICATING LIQUOR may be carried.
  • Members who persistently cancel bookings or fail to travel when the vehicle arrives to collect them will be charged for the booking journey.
  • Users of electric/pavement scooters must transfer to a seat in the vehicle. The maximum length is 48” and will be accepted if room on the vehicle and will be individually chargeable.
  • The starting time advised for any journey cannot be guaranteed and may be later or earlier than scheduled.
  • All persons within a ESACT vehicle must adhere to our NON-SMOKING POLICY and other notices displayed.
  • Vehicles must only be used for passengers and their luggage – EXITS/GANGWAYS must be kept clear at all times and restrictions on luggage may apply.
  • All passengers must wear SEATBELTS or RESTRAINTS at all times (unless displaying a Medical Exemption Certificate).
  • Assistance dogs including guide and hearing dogs may be carried on the vehicle, ensuring exits and gangways are kept clear.
  • The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle and its passengers and may refuse to carry anyone who refuses to abide by these conditions.
  • Our vehicles are NOT available for hire from any external organisation. They can be booked via ESACT with a driver but you must be a Group Member.
  • When booking Days Trips, Luncheon Outings and Dial-a-Ride please refer to the additional T&C's for booking that service.